I’m considering typing my blog posts.


I’m considering typing blog posts with a typewriter, scanning them in, and posting them. My only fear is that this is too ironic, and therefore, trendy. Ridiculous, I know, but there is already precedent on this blog. What was standing in my way? A worn-out typewriter ribbon. Need a new ribbon for my mom's typewriter. […]

Noah probably would have sued for defamation.

noah movie

I saw the movie “Noah” tonight. It was directed by Darren Aronofsky. It was unfortunate. Just me and Noah, chillin. And…first in the theater! Boom. pic.twitter.com/DWIG4ydFJw — Julie R. Neidlinger (@julesvern97) March 29, 2014   I don’t really do movie reviews or blog posts anymore, because they become kind of a Trojan horse on your blog, […]

The weakened time of the day.

modern circus

I’d heard that more heart attacks happen in the morning than any other time, that the shock of going from sleep to awake was a tipping point for some cardiac muscles. I can believe it. There are times of the day when we are like a bruised and damaged reed, much closer to being broken, […]