Everything I need to know about people I learned from The Black Stallion. Everyone has a horse counter-part.


From The Black Stallion series I learned, as a child, about furlongs and weighted saddles and Alec Ramsey. And I learned about the different kinds of horses. There are cold bloods, warm bloods, and hot bloods. The cold bloods get the job done, steady and faithful, without the flash. They take up a lot of space; they’re […]

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Everyone is building a database on you. Here’s how to hack it. Your privacy is as extinct as the dodo.

building a database on you

There are two problems to discuss when it comes to hacking the databases businesses are building with your information. The first problem begins with the word “hack” which is starting to become this generation’s “it was a dark and stormy night.” It is used instead of more accurate words and phrases like “work-around” or “alternative” or […]

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