A Fighting Sioux alternative.


Much ink and anguish has been wasted on the rise and demise of the University of North Dakota’s mascot, The Fighting Sioux. Now that the death knell has rung, the school must move on and face the fact that the name is done. They must also face the fact that they are left with a huge amount of product, a cyclopean hockey arena inlaid with Fighting Sioux imagery everywhere (likely on a nano level), and a new logo of a rather ugly and benign conglomeration of the U, N, and D overlaid in such a way that it offends everyone (see here) who still retain their vision.


Why not celebrate some of the school’s other fine aspects, instead of a brawling hockey team?

The University of North Dakota has many fine areas of study, including law, for example. They are the new Fighting Sue.

Get your shirts and mugs today.


(Other names suggested during discussion with friends include borrowing a page from Prince’s book and referring to the team as the Team Formerly Known As The Fighting Sioux. This would require a large amount of real estate on the back of a jersey unless it was shortened to TFKATFS, or an androgynous symbol like Prince used. Additionally, it was mentioned that they could be the Fighting Sues, with a mascot of two fighting women. Though this would not be a stretch from the reality of what two women will inevitably do, it made little sense otherwise. The possibility of allowing for a 10 percent tuition discount for students with the name of Sue did add some weight to the “pros” column of that suggestion. Quite obviously, we had too much time on our hands.)

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  1. That new logo is indeed hideous.

    As I understand it, “Fighting Sioux” was okay with the school, with the team, even with the Sioux; only the NCAA pitched an actual fit.

  2. If they were the Fighting Sues, one of the mascots could be a Boy Named Sue. If you know the song, you know that he was named Sue so he’d have to learn how to fight. At every pre-game coin flip or tipoff the UND athletes could intimidate their opponents by yelling, “My name is Sue! How do you do!”

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