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Julie R Neidlinger

Hi. I’m Julie R. Neidlinger

LonePrairie.Net has been my online home for more than a decade. You can contact me here.

This website cures boredom and mental atrophy. Granted, the FDA has not approved that claim.

The Lone Prairie Network is a site with different components, based on your interests. Some might offend your sensibilities. I’ve rated them for you, just to be safe.


What’s Happening With You On The Socials?

On Twitter, I’m a complete blowhard.
On Medium, I’m writing to my heart’s content, too.
On Facebook, I tell you that I attended the University of General Literacy and Thinkin’.

Here on my website, I will tell you that when it comes to the violin, I just never got past learning the first position and have terrible bowing skills.

Has This Blog Been Carbon-14 Dated?

I’ve run this blog since 2002 (see its illustrated history!). It’s changed a lot, mainly because I have, too. I had my blog writing quoted online in many other blogs, creating great religious flame wars (Google my name. You’ll see). It has also been quoted in Tullian Tchividjian’s book, Unfashionable, a copy of which I sent to my niece, waiting for her to discover my name mentioned, until I realized she never opened the book and I remembered pride goes before a fall.

I grew up on a farm in northeast North Dakota. Right now, I work at Todaymade in Bismarck, North Dakota, where I write stuff. The stuff I write here on this blog in no way is endorsed by, or ought to reflect, them.

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Dost Thou Have A College Degree?

For many thousands of dollars, I received a piece of paper which, at first, neglected to list my minor. With great flair and excessive words, I wrote to the university to have that rectified. I proudly have a degree in art and art history, and have worked many odd jobs ever since.

Please Prove To Me That You’re A Serious Artist

That’s a legitimate request.

Gallery: My artwork has been on display in some galleries including the Art Academy of Ohio: Chidlaw Gallery (“Booked: Contemporary Artist Books”; Cincinnati, OH), Roland Dille Center for the Arts (Moorhead, MN), Bismarck Art and Galleries Association (Bismarck, ND), Elsa Forde Gallery (Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND), Clairmont Center Gallery (University of Mary, Bismarck, ND), and so on.

Parents: It’s made it on other websites, in some magazines and a book or two, and most importantly, on the walls of my parent’s house back on the farm. You can look at some of that alleged art here.

Theory: Red + blue = violet, but only when you are using a crimson and not a cadmium red, and an ultramarine and not a pthalo blue. (Acrylic or oil paint.)

I Question Your Writing Authority


Although I did help with the publication and design of a few books, including Winter: A Season of Writing on the Prairie, a book that highlighted North Dakota writers and provided them with an opportunity to see their work published.

I wrote a few articles for magazines. I was a newspaper reporter for about three years (and, as a side note, may have helped sound the death knell for a local politician. No really, he died.). I’ve been a teacher and a speaker. I once spoke at the University of North Dakota on Internet media and journalism to a room of the most bored high school kids I’ve ever seen. And I finally got an invite over on Medium and started writing there.

My writing blog is The J Letters blog. All things writing and creativity are there.

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What Have You Ever Done For This World?

I frequently share LOLcat photos on social networks. I also worked with an international non-profit organization, Nicaragua Resource Network – North Dakota, as the communications specialist and webmaster for five years. Though I no longer travel on trips, I did spend eight years with Nicaragua as a particular focus, making so many Nica friends, and all I can do is ask where the bathrooms and library are, in Spanish.

Blah Blah Blah.

I got my private pilot’s license in 2008, and joined the Civil Air Patrol in 2009. I’ve been a member of the North Dakota Pilots Association (NDPA) since 2009, as secretary in 2011 and Vice President in 2012. My power is astonishing. I am also a member of the North Dakota Aviation Council (NDAC) as one of two representatives of NDPA for 2011-2013. Absolutely nothing I write on my blog is associated with any of those organizations, either.

Whoo hoo! Traveling! Europe, Central America, Australia, South America, and the Caribbean! But I live in Bismarck, North Dakota where I owned Lone Prairie Cupcakes, a gourmet cupcake and confectionery business, from 2009 to 2011, until I realized I wanted all cupcakes to die. During that time, I was also a pastry chef in Bismarck from 2008 to 2011, because I can never have just one job.

Additional Factoids Void Of Context

Piano, clarinet, kitties!, horses, hot chocolate, violin, target shooting with guns, solitude, silence, Start Trek TNG, reading, Toy Story, SciFi, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Murder She WroteTolkien, geocaching, Official Bob, cozy mysteries, traveling, Android, tightwad.

What The Heck Is Lone Prairie?

Well, LonePrairie.com is some guy squatting a domain, but LonePrairie.net is the online home of Lone Prairie Art Works, which is me, Julie R. Neidlinger, who likes to do a lot of different things and has a lot of different interests and has tried out many jobs and careers and can’t seem to nail it all down in one pithy statement. I’ve tried a few:

  • Where art meets the prairie before the straight-line winds rip through.
  • All things creative, particularly the seven months out of the year when I’m trapped inside during winter.
  • The Bakken Oil boom has had no positive financial affect on me. Buy my art.
  • I have many stories to tell….hey, come back!
  • In perfect world, me draw, you buy. I’ll happily sell to meddling monkeys and busy apes.
  • Lone Prairie is less described as it is experienced. (Using this winner over on Pinterest right now.)
  • All things creative. (Which is incredibly uncreative, so I stuck that front and center on Twitter.)

Frankly, if you can help me figure out who I am, please do so. Take it to Twitter and have at it.

So yeah. I’m Lone Prairie Art Works. I write about it all.

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Social Media Stats:

  • Blogging: Since early 2002
  • Twitter: February 15, 2008
  • Facebook: July 2007

Online Persona:


Le Grande Testimonials

“She writes, she paints, and she photographs — but no matter what medium she chooses, she excels in finding and describing the universal themes that connect North Dakota to the larger, outside world.” — Corrine Kenner

“…taught herself how to survive and grow as a one-person work-at-home artist in rural North Dakota.” — Gwen Bristol, Dakota Lifestyle

“…very honest and controversial…” — Internet Monk

“…you’ll be compelled to read every last word.” — Mickey McLean, World Magazine

“…I’m a huge dork.” — Me

“We love you, but please pick up your shoes.” — mom

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