Stop sharing “articles from around the web” because I’m losing faith in the web. Half of these images are gross.

stories from around the web

You see them all the time at the bottom of news articles. It’s a collection of “articles from around the web” implying a super casual happenstance collection of things you might like to read, assembled in one place for your convenience. “Articles from around the web” my ass. If this were true, it would appear […]

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The closed mind of the supposedly erudite world traveler. We won't stop you if you leave.


If you don’t like it here, and can’t find anything good, leave. Yes, yes. All things American suck. We get it. Yawn. > What Aussies/Kiwis Think Of Starbucks’ Flat White @davidmackau — Julie (@julesvern97) January 21, 2015 That sounds harsh, but I get pretty tired of people from other countries coming here and bitching […]

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The saga of the Luft Bar in Bismarck, North Dakota. A review, a comment, ire, and a lesson.

luft bar bismarck

My friend and I recently went to Humpback Sally’s, a tapas restaurant in downtown Bismarck. The food was delicious, and I actually liked the tapas concept since we didn’t leave feeling stuffed and overfed. I’d go there again, no problem. The decor at Humpback Sally’s was odd, though it didn’t bother me as much as it […]

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If you create a customer incentive program, you’d better keep your promises. Angry customers are not your goal.

dominos pizza reward cards

Businesses create enticement programs to entice customers. In theory. If, however, your enticement program falls flat on its face and you fail to uphold your promise, you make your customer annoyed. Annoyed over something they wouldn’t have expected except you told them to expect it. So I say “in theory” because it seems, more often […]

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Ancient headline masters turning in graves. Village complains about noise. The lost art of fine headline crafting.

philosopher cat

Headlines are all the rage in the online content marketing world now, and I’m not talking about President Truman pulling one over on the Chicago Tribune. I’ve always known I wasn’t the greatest headline writer. Lousy Writer Disappears, Headline Missing Also Sometimes I like the pun. Sometimes I hate how awkward a properly online-optimized headline reads. And by […]

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