The two worst desecrations of the Nazca lines I’m aware of. One of which you probably weren't aware of.

monkey lines

The Nazca lines are¬†gigantic ancient geoglyphs in Peru that can best be seen by air. This makes them intriguing on many levels. You may have heard about the Greenpeace protest that damaged the Nazca lines in Peru. 1. The Greenpeace protest that damaged the Nazca lines. In an effort to promote a renewable future, Greenpeace […]

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The nouveau riche and The New Republic. What works in tech doesn't work everywhere.


Jeff Bezos, founder of, bought The Washington Post in October, 2013. Just over a year later, that paper reported on another storied publication (The New Republic) that had been purchased by yet another tech bajillionaire, Chris Hughes (of Facebook founding fame). What was the headline of that story? Maybe that’s a bit sensationalist, but […]

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About 30 minutes of the #Ferguson police scanner, transcribed.

Michael Brown shot by policeman. Massive protests and riots. Grand Jury does not indict policeman. Riots and looting begin. Ferguson police scanner: 1102 – black male at bus stop shooting at passing cars, no clothing description 1103 – there’s numerous businesses on fire, please respond 1104 – Ferguson city hall, 110 church street subjects attempting […]

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