But she stole more than $300,000!

Quick To Grace

Quick To Grace

I read in the local newspaper (online) about a woman who stole over $300,000 from a doctor here in town and I think how terrible for her to do such a thing.

I scroll down, learning how she pocketed all cash instead of depositing it in the bank and I think that she ought to be ashamed for her dishonesty. My eyebrows slam down across my forehead as I read how she will not be going to jail, how the judge is letting her out on probation and asking that she pay the money back by selling two vehicles, and diamond jewelry, but how so much of the money that went for vacations and other non-essential luxuries will somehow have to be made up. Down in the comments section, people who know her speak their mind and those who don’t still speak their mind and the doctor who employed her rightly weighs in and they all express that her punishment is too light and others continue to rip her apart, and I think, the more I read, that I might agree.

I head to Google and begin searching to find out more about such a terrible person as this, who would steal so much and lie to friends.

I stumble across an article in the North Dakota courts website and I read about the terrible difficulties happening with her stepchildren, and what is happening with her husband and his ex-wife. My eyes zero in on domestic troubles and I imagine the kids involved. I know there is more to the story than a woman who stole money to keep up appearances but I don’t really want to see it.

I want to see a photo of this thief who could steal over a quarter million dollars, and so I continue searching and finally figure out who she is on the Facebook page of the doctor’s office she stole from. I see her in a photo with the doctor and the rest of the small clinic staff, with the caption “my great staff on the big office trip” with everyone wearing funny T-shirts that say “my boss rocks” and this woman leaving a message in the comments that says “we had a blast, thanks to a great boss” and I think she shouldn’t have taken that money.


I keep looking at that photo and I see she is a real person. Like me, she does wrong and very bad things.

There is no shortage of judges in this world.

I am so quick to judge, I think, leaving this story behind. What if I were quick to grace instead?

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  1. Hi Julie;

    I’m checking in after several years absence. I like hearing about whatever is happening up Bismarck way. The comments section looks pretty lonely. I guess everyone has moved onto twitter. No matter.

    Sweating it out in SoCal ..

  2. The comments are, indeed, an echo chamber here now. I don’t necessarily mind the reduced babysitting load, but yes, I think you’re right — it’s moved over onto other platforms now. No more crazy comment long-form sessions like there used to be here on Lone Prairie.

    Nice to hear from you again. :-)

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