Even Sharknado can’t destroy my Twitter following.

To be fair, I gave my followers a warning a full day ahead of time. Anyone else watching #Sharknado2 tomorrow night? I will also be hitting my head with a tire iron. #MindNumbingActivities — Julie (@julesvern97) July 29, 2014 And, before the festivities began, I gave another heads up. Dear professional twitter followers. This would […]

18-24 Year Olds Are Not The Demographic With Money.

I started this post on March 9th, 2014. And now I’m finally publishing it because I’m pretty tired of the fixation on the young demographic, and the reason for the cancellation of Longmire put me over the edge. 18-24 year olds are not the demographic with money. They are the demographic with debt and attempted […]

In life, this is just another harvest.

This was not what I had imagined. A sky so blue. Sun so bright. Breeze so cool. The wheat in dad’s field skittered one direction and then the next, at the will of the wind, and I stood out in it. My camera clicked. Then I stopped. My friend, a few feet away was silent, […]

There’s a fair amount of preaching online.

Every day my mom sends an email to the entire family. She tells us a bit about the previous day, and then shares some Bible verses and thoughts, ending with a prayer for each of us that day. I have saved all of these emails; in a way, it is like a devotion book my […]

How to present your unsuccessful business idea.

This morning I attended a meeting where people present their business idea or business plan and the audience asks questions. I went because a friend was presenting a business idea. He did a great job with both his talk and slides, as well as answering questions. He also has a cool business idea. I got to […]

I don’t understand a generation that wants to collaborate.

At the last “Not Our Day Job” meeting, as I was explaining some of the internal debates I’m having about the next step of a project I’m working on, one member asked me why I didn’t consider doing a Kickstarter project for it. “No,” I said. “I will not be using Kickstarter.” He wondered why, […]