About 30 minutes of the #Ferguson police scanner, transcribed.

Michael Brown shot by policeman. Massive protests and riots. Grand Jury does not indict policeman. Riots and looting begin. Ferguson police scanner: 1102 – black male at bus stop shooting at passing cars, no clothing description 1103 – there’s numerous businesses on fire, please respond 1104 – Ferguson city hall, 110 church street subjects attempting […]

The Rotarians fall for the great Paper.li caper.

Remember the hilarity that ensued when Blue Cross Blue Shield resorted to automatic curation service Paper.li? Frankly, there wasn’t much hilarity because no one cares. But that’s never stopped me from blogging about something before. And so here’s the second round, involving a rotary phone and The Rotary Club. It started with this tweet: I […]

We’ll just have to agree to disagree. (You idiot.)

Election yard signs slashed. Burning the election promotional materials of candidates you don’t like and showcasing your actions on social media. And the classic: being a rude jackass online. This is how we agree to disagree now. Lip service given to tolerance, magnanimity, and a lofty erudite perch from which patronization is dispensed. But the […]