Liveblogging a real, live Monday.

In honor of a post that I wrote at work today about live blogging, I thought I might live blog. I arrived at work at 6:40, the office silent and dark. It is now just before 8 and I am finally coherent enough to write a live blog. Because it would have been mainly things […]

When the HR guy tells you you’re confusing.

“I don’t know how else to tell you this,” he says to me, “but I find you confusing.” I look at my resume and cover letter — the required documents — in his hand and I realize attempt #14 did not land a job for me and think I am not a human resource. I leave the HR office […]

It was an introvert’s rebellion.

And it was a curmudgeon’s anguish. A loud world. Lots of people. Proper handshaking and such. Then the internet turned social, officially. My god. There is no real recourse, beyond breaking off pencil points in a journal with too many exclamation points and the silent fury trapped on paper on a bookshelf. You can’t rant […]

Why It’s Good For You To Clean Toilets

Kill your pride as soon as you can. Don’t ever be too good for any job. An acquaintance of mine left a job over the feeling that she wasn’t given the proper respect that her education deserved. She would tell me that she was certain the management was jealous and felt threatened, and so she left […]

The mentality of the One Star Reviewer.

Some people will only ever give a one star review. It was late one night and I’m guessing a former Delta employee stumbled upon my blog post about how Delta Airlines sucks and somehow caught a particularly virulent strain of rabies after reading it. Late, I’m working on a freelance writing job of no particular […]