We’ll just have to agree to disagree. (You idiot.)

Election yard signs slashed. Burning the election promotional materials of candidates you don’t like and showcasing your actions on social media. And the classic: being a rude jackass online. This is how we agree to disagree now. Lip service given to tolerance, magnanimity, and a lofty erudite perch from which patronization is dispensed. But the […]

At the altar of Bill Nye, science guy.

So science is cool now. That’s great. I loved science in high school. I had a bunsen burner incident once. I’m not really here to talk in great depth and alacrity about the supposed battle between science and faith, on whether you can/can’t have/believe one with/without the other and so forth. At least, not really. […]

What does a true passion for life look like?

Glacier National Park is beautiful, and when I see the mountains, the first thing I don’t think of is jumping off of them. This is because I love living. I run on the assumption that the things I love I spend the most time with, and try to maintain a close proximity to. People, possessions–whatever […]

Yes, please.

(Part 2) I thought I would tell you what I’ve learned from life my special life the life of a non-hero philologist misfit how my unique life applies to your life and about how to find the best job and when and why you should quit and change relationships and what the meaning of life […]

No, thank you.

Craft beer Thick facial hair under age 40 Knit beanies if it isn’t winter Kombucha Writing about what you’ve learned in life before you’re 30 Instagramation of all photos with filters Religious/romantic experiences when talking about coffee Selfies Talk of choosing yourself, staying true to yourself, as if you were special Use the word passion […]

There is a mouse mafia running this joint.

At the farm, there is a mouse mafia running the place. My grandfather’s house, still in decent shape but empty and forlorn, is perched at the edge of a “what do we do with it” abyss, and my mother’s email to us children about it contained her summation of the tragedy: “Sad because that house […]