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Dinosaurs In The Wheat Field

There Are Dinosaurs In The Fields

"Who's your audience for this book?" you might ask.
"Anyone who loves North Dakota," I'd reply.
"Small audience," you might say.
"I can live with that," I'd say.

But the truth is, this book isn't just a North Dakota book. It's not a guide for farmers. It isn't an Aesop's Fables for the wheat fields. You don't have to be from the state, or even know enough about it to love it. The essays, poems, and images inside this book aren't restricted by geopolitical boundaries even if they happened in a specific place and time. Instead, this is a book about a way of living life that isn't in such a rush, believes in hard work, finds the humor in each day, and makes every effort to finish each journey well. There is no blame, and there are no victims. It's you standing out on the wide prairie of your life, nothing obstructing your view of who you are, where you came from, and where you're going, and choosing to keep moving. The universal themes of life do, indeed, stretch far and wide, even across the Great Plains.

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About The Book

This is a softcover book with full-color images sprinkled throughout the pages. It is 172 pages of essays, art, photography, and poetry. It is a print on demand (POD) book made through Blurb.com. You can order directly from Blurb for the fastest printing and shipping service. You can also purchase from:

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