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Lone Prairie Magazine Issue 1

Let me introduce you to the Lone Prairie Magazine, this website’s paper cousin. Yes, paper. Online information seems cheap. Most of the time, it’s free. There’s no tactile work needed to acquire it. You click, find, share, move on, and forget. Your conversations are filled with “I was reading this online article — I can’t remember […]

Get your copy of Thror’s Map from “The Hobbit” as I prove my geekiness.

Thrors Map

The Hobbit is hot again. It’s in the theater and the products are in the bookstores and Big Box stores, and it makes me want to establish some pre-Hobbit-furor legitimacy. My Tolkien Credentials I’m not the biggest, most knowledgeable fan ever. The Silmarillion et. al. don’t readily come to mind when pressed for facts. However, […]