Angryman Cartoon

Angryman Cartoon

He's grumpy so you don't have to be.

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Who is Angryman Cartoon®?

He has the eyebrows.

Angryman Cartoon® isn't angry on purpose.

With sideways glances under a 40-pound eyebrow that acts as a filter of his view of the world, he has a unique perspective on everything. His reactions are all or nothing. You’d hug him if you could, and if you thought it safe.

"I never realized how much emotion is communicated through eyebrows until I started following the angry characters." - N. D.

Angryman Cartoon emerged from my pen in 2007, and has been finding things wrong with the world ever since. He's made appearances on:

Angryman Cartoon isn't quite the bear he makes himself out to be. He finds the annoyances many people experience, and merely showcases them in all their glory.

Angryman Cartoon Downloads

For all your frustrating moments.


Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage. This one is filled with it. Download this PDF file, print, and color away your rage.

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The Fine Art Of Being Grumpy

Create a small pocket-sized booklet that you can reference throughout the day as you try to achieve perfect grumpiness.

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How To Quit Your Job

Learn the timeless techniques to quitting your job from six familiar scenarios, all with the help of Angryman Cartoon.

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Blogging since 2002.
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