It’s getting easier to be original. Just unplug.

The commercial for the Amazon Fire Phone could probably spawn about two dozen blog posts if I let it. I’m going to try to keep it to one. And it’s this: if these kids are the norm for the future, it’s going to be really easy to raise kids that are original thinkers. All you […]

The mentality of the One Star Reviewer.

Some people will only ever give a one star review. It was late one night and I’m guessing a former Delta employee stumbled upon my blog post about how Delta Airlines sucks and somehow caught a particularly virulent strain of rabies after reading it. Late, I’m working on a freelance writing job of no particular […]

It’s not that I’m not good at math.

Numbers are next to meaningless to me. It’s not that I’m not good at math. I’ve done my share of the maths over the years. I got pretty good grades. I enjoyed geometry, and the higher maths. Heck, music is math. But I don’t necessarily have a head for numbers and data in a real […]

Most published research is false.

Most published research is false. 14% of all blog posts are true. 62% of blog posts that advocate changes you need to make, and then provide the data they collected from a questionably unscientific test, are bull. 100% of the people who claim you can have a four-hour work week still frequent businesses that require […]

Several of us have had enough of your selfies.

I have taken two selfies, both with a friend. The first: We were at a Minnesota Vikings football game, wanted a photo with the Metrodome behind us because it was being taken down, and our attempt to get someone from the crowd to take the photo ended with my friend blinking and a man hollering […]