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Lone Prairie Cupcakes

They are no more.

Where Can I Get Cupcakes?

Alas, you cannot. Lone Prairie Cupcakes is no longer. Once part of the Patisserie on Fourth, in Bismarck, they ended when the shop closed and I made a career change out of food service into copywriting.

Reliving The Glory Days

Fans remember the jumbo-sized cupcakes as huge and, at $3 each for a seriously large cupcake, a good bargain. For three years at the Bismarck Street Fair in September, I'd bake over 1,000 cupcakes, and I would sell out. Red velvet first, then chocolate, then vanilla.

The red velvet cupcake was my logo, simply because people went nuts for it. This was before you found red velvet everything, like you do now. And, to be honest, I don't get the red velvet thing. It has no particular taste. It's basically a white cake with a small amount of weak-willed cocoa and tons of nasty red food coloring. I imagine people really liked the frosting, which was cream cheese. But you can put that on any kind of cupcake, pretty much.

Someday, perhaps, I'll write a cookbook with my recipes. You'll be able to make the cinnamon donut, pistachio, red velvet, peanut butter, lemon, brownie, chocolate, coconut, and all the rest of the flavors I offered. But today isn't that day.

I want to add a pet peeve of mine with cupcake purveyors: the frosting should cover the cake, particularly if your cake isn't anything special. People buy cupcakes for the frosting. Enough with this lame and limp little swirl of frosting in the middle of sad cupcake with the cake showing all over the place. No one wants to see that. Cover that cake up.

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