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Some things to know about participating on the blog.

1. The comment section of the blog is not the place to send me an email. It is a public commenting and discussion section. If you would like to contact me, visit this page.

2. Do not threadjack. If it doesn’t apply to the topic of the post, don’t leave it in the comments section. Put it in a post that deals with that topic.

3. Do not copy and paste large quantities of material, particularly copyrighted material, from other locations on the web. Make your comment truly your comment.

4. Do not spam or use my blog merely to link your own questionably relevant material or just to pull discussion and traffic back to your site, particularly if you do so in an insulting manner. Ideally, contribute something of value that fits these guidelines, and then indicate you’ve covered it more in depth in your own blog post. That would be great.

5. Be nice. If what I wrote makes you incredibly angry, just stop reading. It’s that easy. I certainly won’t allow you to be insulting to me on my own private property. That makes very little sense.

6. Sometimes I change my mind on a topic. Pointing this out to me isn’t really necessary. A mind capable of change is a good thing.

7. Comments are moderated. Your’s might not make it. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech; rather, it is more about private property rights.

8. If you choose to engage me privately in email over something I’ve written on the blog, keep in mind that your email may be used on the blog. I save and archive all emails I receive, particularly from those who are jackasses. I may need them again someday.

9. If you have a comment that is approaching the 500+ word count, consider writing your own blog post, and then doing a polite referral to it in your comment with a helpful summation for readers so they know where the link will take them. I will verify that all links are relevant to avoid spam issues. I’m not going to publish a comment that’s longer than the actual blog post, generally.

10. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to belittle or write a personal attack on me or my personal ideology, you may certainly do that on your own blog. A personal attack is something negative weighed too heavily with “you” i.e. “you are wrong, you are nasty, you are angry, you are ignorant”. Your comment should be phrased with “I” i.e. “I disagree, and here’s why.” Get carried away with the “you” and it is clear your comment is not about the topic, but about the author. Your comment won’t be published.

11. Do not copy and paste huge chunks of my blog posts into your blog, unless I’ve given you permission to do so. This hurts my own content and SEO. Search engines don’t like to see double content on two places; it looks like scraper content. If you don’t know what this is all about, suffice it to say that you should simply do this: quote a sentence or two, and then link to my post. That’s it. Add your own thoughts, paraphrase (not plagiarize), and link. Otherwise, I will politely ask you to take it down.

A comment section is no place to incite or insult. Such comments will not be published.

Thank you for reading!


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