General copyright considerations.

1. Please do not take my images without permission. This includes downloading and printing for private or commercial use, embedding an image on your site, or hotlinking directly to an image on my server.

2. Please do not use my writing without my written permission to do so. This includes quoting large portions of it on your web site or any other format. I’m pretty decent — just email me and ask. That’s all.

3. Please do not steal my product or art designs and pass them off as your own.

4. Please do not use the free downloads for anything but private, personal use. They are not to be used commercially or in mass quantities without written permission from me.

5. Unless otherwise noted, all writing, art, design, and ideas are mine. If you think I forgot to give credit to someone else, PLEASE TELL ME! I want to be sure to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes I miss the boat.




Fairly Serious Pinterest and Orphaned Works Related Stuff

Sharing is fine, but only with attribution.

Pinterest is fun and exciting and addicting, and has built a rather nasty reputation of orphaning the works of artists. Orphaned works are those that have been removed from context and artist and attribution, and are just floating out there on the internet with people using and downloading and enjoying without the artist ever being known or receiving any benefit or payment. What that means is that, even though a proper “pin” on Pinterest will include a link back to the original site, sometimes those links are broken either innocently or through users purposefully doing so.

It’s kind of a double-edged sword for artists: it helps others find us, but it also helps others get copies of our work and ideas and use it in a way where we don’t benefit.

You know what? I gotta live. I share my stuff and try to find a way to make a living off of it. Please respect that, and always always always remember to pin properly, include links, definitely do not use any printing service to print your pinboards and make books out of the images of other artists without them receiving any benefit. There are services out there offering this. Please don’t do it.

I encourage you to read the Terms of Use on this artist’s page, and consider what the organization “Link with Love” is all about and has to say.


Serious Copyright Stuff

This is the hardcore stuff to keep in mind.

Important Regarding Angryman Cartoon™ Characters: The cartoon characters, cartoons, and other related imagery and content that you see on this website are copyright (c) Julie R. Neidlinger and may not be used, reproduced, and/or disseminated without explicit written permission. They are identifiable as “Lone Prairie” characters and are associated as such. They are, and will always, remain copyright (c) Julie R. Neidlinger, DBA Lone Prairie Art Works. Even if I Julie R. Neidlinger designs you a graphic using the cartoon characters at your request, you do not own the character or have permission to use it (on shirts, mugs, for commercial purposes, etc.) without my specific written and limited consent, which consent may be provided in a separate written licensing agreement. However, in the absence of such a licensing agreement, the general terms provided herein shall apply. All rights to the design remain the sole property of Julie R. Neidlinger, whether the design was specifically commissioned or otherwise. A licensing agreement for any commissioned work may specify restrictions regarding the method of display, duration of display, number of printed pieces, type of printed pieces, geographical considerations, and duration among others, any general provisions to the contrary herein notwithstanding. Furthermore, a licensing agreement may include a fee (royalty) payable to Julie R. Neidlinger for each reproduction, display, and/or other use of the design, which royalty may be in addition to an up-front fee. You may not sell or profit from anything with these characters on it, unless so specified in writing. In the absence of a specific written licensing agreement, I am, essentially, granting you a one-time use of the images for the purpose we agreed upon according to the general terms herein, and nothing beyond that. Payment for the design does not grant you any ownership or licensed use of the characters. They are not your characters. Any other use of the “Lone Prairie” characters via agreements not dealing with payment (one-time or serial comic strips, non-profit events, et. al.) is still limited use and may be subject to any restrictions that may apply to royalty-earning licenses. The copyright to both the characters and the actual comic strip or art still fully belongs with Julie R. Neidlinger, who reserves all rights, including but not limited to moral rights and derivative work rights, regardless of whether such rights are specifically outlined in 17 U.S.C. § 101 et. seq. The name “Angryman Cartoon” is also trademarked.

The Artist and Writer

Any reference below to “the artist and writer” refers to me, Julie R. Neidlinger, owner and creator of the images, writings and ideas on this website. Any reference to “the purchaser” refers to the individual(s) who have purchased a creative work or received permission to use it, from me, Julie R.Neidlinger.

These rules apply to you, the purchaser, unless, through discussion and special arrangement with me, the artist and writer, parts of this copyright have been waived

All images, designs, products, downloads and writing on this website, unless otherwise noted, are originals and are copyrighted by the artist and writer, Julie R. Neidlinger, and in no way may be used for any purpose other than viewing or reading online, or for purchase, unless they are specifically detailed as free to download.

This restriction includes downloading for personal or public use, use in other electronic formats, emailing images or text, re-printing or publishing in any format, for resale, or for “idea mining” as a way for you to copy an image or product idea as yours and pass it off as your own whether through design or technique. No images or writing are to be altered (electronically or otherwise). They are the intellectual and creative property of the artist and writer and any alteration violates the copyright restrictions the artist has set out here.

Any profits made off of any form of the work, created by the artist and writer, must be shared with the artist in accordance with contracts or agreements previously agreed upon. If the artist was not aware of any activity in which profit from the artist’s work was incurred, the artist reserves the right to request a percentage of those profits as deemed fitting the situation. The purchaser, or user, of the work has the responsibility and requirement to report any profits to the artist.

Artist Rights
The artist and writer reserves all right of reproduction and all copyrights in the Work sold to the purchaser, the preliminary design and any incidental works made in the creation of the work. Copyright notice in the name of the artist shall appear on the work, and the artist shall also receive authorship credit in connection with the work or any reproductions thereof. The sale of an original art piece does not include the transfer and sale of ownership of the rights to reproduce or use the image in any other way beyond personal display. The artist still retains all rights and copyrights to all of the images and writing. Permission to use them for any other purpose must be directed to the artist, creator of the work of art.

If the purchaser in any way whatsoever sells, gives or trades the work, or if it is inherited from the purchaser, or if a third party pays compensation for its destruction, the purchaser (or a representative of his or her estate) must within 30 days

  1. Pay the artist 15% of the “gross art profit”, if any, on the transfer; and
  2. Get the new owner to ratify all terms as set out on this web site or in any signed contracts between the artist and original purchaser

Before committing the work to a show or other public display, purchaser must give the artist notice of the intent to do so, telling the artist and writer all the details of the show that the purchaser then knows.

Destruction and Restoration
The purchaser agrees that the purchaser will not intentionally destroy, damage, alter, modify or change the work in any way whatsoever. If any alteration of any kind occurs after receipt by the purchaser, whether intentional or accidental and whether done by the purchaser or others, the work shall no longer be represented to be the work of the artist and writer without the artists’ s written consent. The purchaser agrees to see that the work is properly maintained. If the work is damaged, the purchaser will consult the artist and writer before any restoration and must give the artist and writer the first opportunity to restore it.

Kill Fee
In event of a cancellation of the Work, the artist and writer will be paid 50% of the agreed upon final fee for time and effort invested in the Work (“kill fee”). The artist and writer will also retain the actual Work and all rights laid out in the contract as if the Work had been completed. If the Purchaser is not satisfied with the final work, even after the artist and writer’s best efforts to reach his or her satisfaction, the artist and writer will retain the aforementioned kill fee.

If the purchaser requests, a draft quality color printout of the Work may be mailed or emailed prior to final payment and shipping. If the purchaser is not satisfied, the artist and writer will work to change and complete the work within reason for the purchaser. The artist and writer will stay within the limits of her style and manner of working, understanding that the purchaser is already aware of what qualities the Work will have upon completion. If no resolution can be reached with the Work, the purchaser may cancel the project with a “kill fee” applying.

The purchaser gives to the artist permission to use the purchaser’s name, along with a reproduction of the item purchased from the artist (including by not limited to a painting, portrait, writing, idea, or anything available on or listed on this web site) for (including but not limited to) exhibition, display, advertising, online resume and gallery, trade and editorial uses, without violation of the purchaser’s rights of privacy or any other personal or proprietary rights the purchaser may possess in connection with reproduction and sale of the work, the preliminary design or any incidental works made in the creation of the work.

I, DBA Lone Prairie Art Works, will not use any personal information provided by you in emails for any purpose other than to fill an order or answer a question. Your email or personal address will not be sold or given out to anyone else. They can torture me as much as they want – I simply will not give any information out to anyone else. Period. I mean it. I’m serious. However, if someone sends me an email or message with something good or important to say, I reserve the right to place it on this website unless preference otherwise is specifically stated by the sender/writer.

Violations of Copyright and Contractual Terms
Any violation of these terms, both direct or implied as set out here will result in legal and compensatory action.

Prices and policies subject to change without notice.

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