Apparently every occasion is a card occasion.


I had no idea that the election was an occasion for sending a greeting card, but I saw them in Target.

I don’t understand the purpose of election-themed cards. Do I send a card of the candidate I want to a person I want to convince to vote accordingly? Is this at all part of campaign finance law? If I send the card so that it arrives on the day of the election, is the store that sold me the card, the maker of the card, or the candidate on the card in trouble? Is the purpose of such cards to build solidarity with fellow like-minded voters, to annoy the relatives who disagree, or to convince the undecided on how they should vote?

I really don’t get it.

However, I do get Halloween cards.

There really isn’t much reason to send a card at Halloween, but if it’s a choice between sending a card with a donkey in order to vote for a couple of asses, I pick Halloween.

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