Old School

The Lone Prairie Manifesto

There has been a Lone Prairie website at this URL since 1999. This version is probably the least informative version.


The internet has become a weird place, much less fun than it was in the late 1990's and early 2000's. You can't trust what you read; news is propaganda, the bastard child of some marketing company, paid for by corporate ads, or at the mercy of a too-often uniformed "woke" generation that threatens economic damage on social media to silence certain types of speech. So along with that, and also an excessive presence of perfectly filtered photographic images and a bizarre culture of everyone trying to be famous and portray a perfect life, I'm providing an antidote. Enjoy this text-heavy website built using static html, wonky embeds, no stats trackers or cookies, no social media tie-ins, and zero give-a-damns.

The below manifesto is for your edification. So is the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don't want to miss any big announcements, sign up for my email. In 2017, I sent out one. Go spend more time offline.

You're welcome.

Julie R. Neidlinger
Artist, writer, and pilot.
Based in North Dakota, USA.
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