Mystery Dinner Party FAQ

Murder Mystery Dinner: Frequently Asked Questions

Mysteries are full of questions.

What is this?
I like murder mystery dinner parties, but not as they currently seem to function. I loathe dressing in costume and pretending to be a character. I'm not an actor. But I love mysteries, scavenger hunts, and the idea of clues and fun competition, all mixed with good food. So I create "mysteries" (often based on other popular detective or mystery literature) and have a small group of people get together and get sent out to solve them. It can take them out and around town in their car to various locations for different reasons. They might be as a team or as individuals. There are riddles, ciphers, and other types of tangible clues to use to solve the mysteries, with prizes at the end that are awarded for various reasons. I like to create actual tangible items to use (paper, ephemera, etc.) to build the back story and for participants to hold and use while they solve the mystery. I want it to be fun, I want everyone to wear comfortable clothing, and to leave with some kind of memento and hopefully a good memory of an evening with friends. If you want a blow-by-blow walk through of what one is like, read here.

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May I come to your party?
Unless you received an invitation in the mail, no.

But I'd like to come! I like mystery parties!
You may add your name to a waiting list if you'd like to participate in future mystery dinner events. So far, they've been focused on the Bismarck, North Dakota region, so those folks would likely get first priority. If you live elsewhere, you can still add your name to the list. Future events might be held elsewhere, or there might be online events you can run in your own city.

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Not another stupid email list.
This isn't a marketing email list. You won't get a bunch of emails. It's only used to contact those who are interested in these types of events if there is room for new participants or if there is an online or transportable event that you could participate in.

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