NoDAPL Protest Violence

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Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Book

Upcoming Book

Stay tuned for an upcoming book about the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest. This book is based on in-person interviews of community members and leaders involved with the protest in different ways, news reports, actual experiences, and a collection of 5,000+ documents, screenshots, and images gathered during the protest. If you want to be notified when this book is released, sign up here.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Timeline

Protest Timeline

This timeline was built over a period of eight months, and contains nearly 1,000 items. Each item is linked to the source, including news articles, court documents, social media postings, and websites.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Original Site

On Christmas Day in 2016, I created a website to counteract the propaganda and inaccurate news that was coming from the protest to give community members something to read and share online. That site is archived and still available to read.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Gallery

Protest Gallery

This gallery is some of the many thousands of images I collected during the protest. It was surprising what people would post on social media. Many of these images are referenced in the book.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Interview

Share Your Story

If you think you have a story to tell about the protest, whether as a protester or community members, please contact me and let me know what connection you had to the protest and why your story should be heard. I am particularly interested in business owners from the community, protesters with a thoughtful take on their experience, Native Americans with a connection to the protest or issues raised there, and farmers/ranchers who were affected by the protest. I will consider legitimate responses.

Dakota Access Pipeline Protest


Supplemental material that serves as a companion to what is found in the book, material that could not fit in the book but still should be heard,as well as other thoughts on the protest and what it means, can be found on this blog.

Background on who wrote this website, and why.

My name is Julie R. Neidlinger. I never used a fake name or photo on Facebook or elsewhere during the protest, nor did I pretend to be someone I was not. For that, I was doxed, harassed, and attacked online. I did not work for law enforcement, private security, or any oil company. I received no money from anyone, nor asked for any money, for any of what I did during the protest. I am simply a North Dakota citizen, from Bismarck, who was angry with the lies and propaganda that some protesters, leaders, and media put forth as truth to slander my state, our law enforcement, and the nature of what happened here. The protesters received all of the media attention and support, and, at best, the story most of the world knows is horribly one-sided. This website and accompanying materials are an attempt to fill in the gaps. This will remain online for the forseeable future, because it is important to document what happened here so it is not repeated in another community.