Stupid things high school kids have yelled at me from their cars.


I walk to work. It makes sense that I also walk home. During this twice-daily routine, I have become the Jane Goodall of the teenage ape, observing the behavior they display while in cars.

The standard scenarios

One teenager (driver) = no response. Too busy texting.

Two teenagers (driver and friend) = no response. Too busy “car dancing” to loud music.

Three or more teenagers (driver and friends) = propensity to act like an ass and yell stupid things at pedestrians they pass.

Verbal abuse I have received

“Merry Christmas!” Presumably the first thing that came to the young girl’s mind as she no doubt felt pressured by friends to roll down her window and yell something at me. It set me in a fine mood. I like Christmas, and felt jolly the remaining three blocks home. I am especially looking forward to this Christmas because I no longer work in retail, or a bakery.

“You F**king B***h!” I don’t see how the four teenage boys could possibly determine any of that about me as they drove by. At no time, during the three seconds I was on their radar, did I do anything which suggested this might be an accurate description.

“Kiss My Ass!” Even at 25 mph, which is not that high of a rate of a speed, I just don’t think this is something to offer up to a pedestrian from a car. I can’t possibly see this working.

“Glrbrqrb!” This young genius actually forgot to roll down his window, and so I could not make out what it was he was trying to yell at me as the carload of hooligans drove by, his face pressed up against the window. It was probably the most astute thing he’d said all week, frankly, and his face no doubt left a grease smear on the glass.

“I Love Hamburgers!” I have no idea. I, too, like hamburgers.

“Get A Car!” I have a car. I just don’t carry one on me all the time.

“Hey, Fatass!” Thanks. Hope you feel better about your horrible acne now that you’ve insulted my appearance.

It takes a great deal of courage to yell something random and insulting to one person walking down the sidewalk completely minding her own business going to and from work, helping out the economy and paying the taxes so these little jerk weeds can go to school for free.

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  1. And I thought I was the only one getting this special treatment! I actually have kids yell at me more often than seems the youth just keep getting bolder. : )

  2. I walk quite a bit and, with an occasional exception, the occasional commentary almost always comes from cars full of multiple teenage boys…………..but I have to confess that when I was a teenage boy myself, in a car with others of my kind, I once stopped during a rainstorm and motioned for a man walking to come up to my window so I could ask him if he knew it was raining……what a dork I was.

    • Well, I once repeatedly asked a clerk in a dollar store the price of things. This was actually a true dollar store. I thought I was funny, until she told me to go. I was with some friends. At that age, we’re all dorks.

  3. Well this is just distressing. I thought North Dakota kids were taught some manners. Just tell those were out-of-state brats. If it’s gotten vulgar and crass up there like the rest of the country, then I give up. Still, I have to believe that these kids are the outliers, not the norm.

  4. Once as we ate hotdogs at a street corner a car full of teens passed slowly and they yelled at us “F——ng f—-ts” but one of the customers answered before they finished: “No thank you! “

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