Going off the social media grid.

roller coaster

Last week, I went on vacation in Florida and I went off the social media grid. Well, kinda. I posted updates so my family back home could follow the trip I was on with my sister (all for you, mom and dad). I had some blog posts and buffered posts spit out on Twitter and […]

4 reasons I loathe social media.

Win with willy wonka

It’s all about the conversations you have, the people you meet, the connections. And now I throw up. Because this is the real social media, the one where regular folks can be found, using it for socializing and not marketing. As wonderful as it ought to be, I loathe social media more and more. “This […]

Steve Jobs and the cookie cutter dilemma

poor cookie cutter

We discussed at work the fact that Steve Jobs is credited with why the windows on your computer all have slightly rounded corners. His theory was that nothing in real life is truly sharp-edged, and people prefer rounded corners. No. I like a sharp corner. Windows 8 isn’t a great operating system (from what I’ve […]