Hitting ten five in only 20 minutes.


Excerpt from a brief email conversation today regarding Chip, my dad’s C172 airplane, and my friend, who flew it:

Me: How’d Chip do today? Get some good flight time for your logbook?

Friend: Chip did great. I added air to the tires. Took it up to 10,500.

Me: Wow! 10,500! Is that even legal in Chip?

Friend: Sure, why wouldn’t it be? Only took me 20 minutes to get there. (sarcasm there)

Me: It just seems so high. I’m aware I sound like a doofus.


I know that airplanes go in the air, and the air goes up plenty high, and that planes most certainly go higher than 10,500 and that C172’s can go that high and and and…

…but Chip seems so earthbound.

Whatever the case, it’s nice to know Chip went on a flight that wasn’t unplanned during a severe thunderstorm event without a pilot.

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