The Cupcake Diaries (and some secret schematics).



For several years, I made cupcakes under the moniker of Lone Prairie Cupcakes. By the time the bakery I worked at decided to close its doors, I had already shuttered the cupcake business. I was pretty burnt out on baking.

But at the time when I decided to try cupcakes, I really needed the income and needed it to work. I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know anything about attempting such a thing, nor was I even vaguely familiar with making cupcakes to any great extent. I determined, in typical Julie fashion, that serious planning was needed. Architects make plans, I figured, and so should I. I sat down with a notebook to figure out recipes, supplies, costs and, of course, to plan the cupcakes.

I showed my friend the ensuing cupcake schematics. “Revealing these secrets will result in death,” I joked.

“I understand,” she said.

As the business continued and I became more familiar with what to expect, and then more tired, and then burned out, the schematics fell to the wayside until I found them just a few weeks back while cleaning out my sketchbooks. If you’ve never seen a cupcake planned out in diagrams, now you have.

If you visit the Pastries and Cakes online album, you might see a few of these.