The many colors of angryman aren’t many.


Faithful readers have already learned the Fine Art of Being Grumpy, and have received sufficient instruction in the matter. The question is: are you ready for Angryman?

Perhaps Angryman stems from the former image that used to adorn the Lone Prairie website for several years, an image that posed a great philosophical question about the fairness of life. With just one header, we were each confronted by the inherent disadvantages of differences, group-think, the birth of a mob, and the plot summary of Harrison Bergeron.

The Angryman coloring book — a fun coloring book for angry people! —  is the answer to the question I am often asked when people see my cartoons: “Why are they so angry?”

The answer is simple.

And, when I know what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know. (I’m not particularly angry myself. I’ll admit that one eyebrow is easier to draw.)

Until then, though, you can download a free coloring book and learn a bit more about Angryman, his eyebrow(s), and what makes him happy.