Curmudgeon Guide

The Curmudgeon Guide publishes whenever, whatever.

It might not be your cup of tea. Why? Because it's a mixed publication of a variety of content from a curmudgeonly approach. If you are weary of all the flowery airy artfully faded imagery and philosophy of the "mindful minimalist purist" type of folks that seem to have succeeded in world domination, and instead live a life that's hugely imperfect and you want a good laugh as well as some interesting things to think about that actually have some meat on the bone, here's your magazine.

It's the sorta sarcastic but also sincere antidote for the filtered Instagramization of the online and print world. You will never see an image, for example, of some woman with her hands making a heart shape near a gluten free plate of pasta. There will be no artisnal anything.

There is no digital version and never will be. This is a paper publication of dubious quality intent on staying small and not at all concerned about marketing and digital ease of access to get huge crowds signed up. Limited quantities per issue, because hey. Curmudgeon.

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Curmudgeon Guide

Julie R. Neidlinger
Artist, writer, and pilot.
Based in North Dakota, USA.
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