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Copyright Information

You may think this is an open-source, collaborative world. That's a lovely idea, but you can't make a living off of it.

I am fully aware that in this day and age, people borrow, copy, and claim the work of others with full expectation that this is allowed. They may claim it is flattery, derivative work, or free publicity. Nope.

I'm not a jerk in this regard; I am willing to work with people within reason as long as you contact me and run your idea by me. I may say yes, I may say no. But you must ask before you use my copy or imagery from my site as it ventures into copyright bounds, and you must respect my decision.

So here are the rules. Please respect them. If this page makes you angry, rethink your understanding of how creative people are supposed to buy food.

  1. Images: Please do not take my images without permission. This includes downloading and printing, particularly for commercial use, embedding an image on your site, or hotlinking directly to an image on my server.

  2. Writing: Please do not use my writing without my written permission to do so. This includes quoting large portions of it on your web site or any other format. I'm pretty decent -- just email me and ask. That's all.

  3. Designs: Please do not steal my product or art designs and pass them off as your own.

  4. Downloads: Please do not use the free downloads for anything but private, personal use. They are not to be used commercially or in mass quantities without written permission from me.

  5. Ideas: Unless otherwise noted, all writing, art, design, and ideas are mine. If you think I forgot to give credit to someone else, please tell me! I want to be sure to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes I miss the boat.

And by "you" I actually mean you, the person reading this. And by "please", I mean it in a serious way which is more than a suggestion.

Privacy & Notification

Privacy Policy: Your personal information, email, contact information, etc. will not be used for spamming purposes or sold to third parties. I'm not interested in making your electronic life miserable. I don't claim ownership on any written comments that you leave on this web site. I'm not interested in stalking you, pestering you, or in any way getting all up in your life, whether you're using this site, or signed up for the email list -- my own life keeps me busy enough. I'll leave yours to you. Use of analytics means that there are sometimes tracking cookies on this site. By using this website, you understand this.

Mailing list: Your email isn't shared, sold, or traded. It's safe. An inbox is a sacred thing, and yours won't be abused. If you subscribe to any newsletters, each issue easily allows you to unsubscribe. No offense taken if you do.

Affiliate: Some links may lead you to Amazon or other shopping sources. These may be affiliate links, in which I will receive some compensation if you choose to buy the product. However, I do NOT take money to endorse or review products. Any products I recommend, I actually use, and I would only recommend because I like them. No one pays me to say something good about their products, or make their products known to you. Here are the disclosures, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

No Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing the blog post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.

Affiliate Links: Some of the links in the post are affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and think would be of value to you.

Review Or Sample Copy: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned in the post for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. So I did mention it. But I only mention and recommend products or services I use personally and think would be of value to you. Any book review done on a book received from the publisher is an honest review. I will not accept a book if I am forced to give a positive review.

I thank Michael Hyatt for the guidelines in these disclosures.

Endorsement: Any products, people, or service mentioned on this site, unless I say otherwise, does not mean that I endorse them or that they endorse me.

Kill Fees: Projects and commissioned art which are cancelled by the client are subject to a 50% kill fee; my time is worth something. Commissioned art or writing projects will not be started without a minimum 50% payment on the full amount paid up front.

One-Time Licensing: You may have purchased a digital image from me under the agreement to print for one use only. You are given permission to print and use for yourself one-time only, but you are not given permission to distribute any additional prints or digital transmission or publication publicly. You are not allowed to profit from the images unless I have given you permission to do so. You do not receive any ownership of the image or copyright; I retain all copyright and ownership of the image. I am merely giving you permission to specific use once and enjoy, without transferring any other rights to the image to you.

Payment: PayPal and Stripe (depending upon the shopping cart) are used for online payments. Clients receiving invoices can pay them with a credit card. If you'd like to pay by check or money order, items will be shipped after the payment is received. Please make checks out to:

Julie R. Neidlinger
PO Box 1823
Bismarck, ND 58502

Shipping: Shipping is done via UPS or the U.S. Postal Service. Shipping prices include tracking options and insurance, as well as all packaging costs. USPS will be shipped Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation. If you want something different, we can discuss price and shipping options. You can select shipping costs by clicking on the amount you'd like during checkout. Next day shipping via UPS isn't available.

Return Policy: All sales are final, unless otherwise noted. Products on this site are all handmade and original; slight variations are part of the handmade nature and are neither defects nor cause for refunds/returns. Commissioned or custom-ordered product sales cannot be returned or refunded. Products that are returned through an agreement between myself and the customer are exchanged for a credit; money will not be returned.

Refund Policy: Shipping and handling includes insurance upon request. Items that are lost in transport should be reported within a week of shipping in order to receive a partial or full refund. Please contact me and we can work this out. I am not responsible for items lost in shipping.

Orphans & Pinterest

Pinterest is fun and exciting and addicting, and has built a rather nasty reputation of orphaning the works of artists. Orphaned works are those that have been removed from context and artist and attribution, and are just floating out there on the internet with people using and downloading and enjoying without the artist ever being known or receiving any benefit or payment. What that means is that, even though a proper "pin" on Pinterest will include a link back to the original site, sometimes those links are broken either innocently or through users purposefully doing so.

It's kind of a double-edged sword for artists: it helps others find us, but it also helps others get copies of our work and ideas and use it in a way where we don't benefit.

You know what? I gotta live. I share my stuff and try to find a way to make a living off of it. Please respect that, and always always always remember to pin properly, include links, definitely do not use any printing service to print your pinboards and make books out of the images of other artists without them receiving any benefit. There are services out there offering this. Please don't do it.

I encourage you to read the Terms of Use on this artist's page, and consider what the organization "Link with Love" is all about and has to say

Blogging This


There are a few things to know about your participation (via comments, email, or social media) with this site, its content, and me personally. I know this is now not just a world of trolls and anonymous people who want to lecture and police the thoughts and ideas of others, but it is now also a world of social shaming in which people get their jollies ganging up on someone who made a mistake (either a real one or just something a particular group doesn't like) with the end goal of ruining their lives. This is a disgusting development. Read on.

1. The comment section of the blog is not the place to send me an email. It is a public commenting and discussion section. If you would like to contact me, visit this page.

2. Do not threadjack. If it doesn't apply to the topic of the post, don't leave it in the comments section. Put it in a post that deals with that topic.

3. Do not copy and paste large quantities of material, particularly copyrighted material, from other locations on the web. Make your comment truly your comment.

4. Do not spam or use my blog merely to link your own questionably relevant material or just to pull discussion and traffic back to your site, particularly if you do so in an insulting manner. Ideally, contribute something of value that fits these guidelines, and then indicate you've covered it more in depth in your own blog post. That would be great.

5. Be nice. If what I wrote makes you incredibly angry, just stop reading. It's that easy. I certainly won't allow you to be insulting to me on my own private property (which is what my self-hosted blog is). That makes very little sense. Let me be very clear that you don't have the right to spray your opinion around everywhere because on private property, that's trespassing. And if you think this is an attack on your freedom of speech (it isn't; I'm not a government entity suppressing you), you need to grasp a better understanding of private property laws.

6. Sometimes I change my mind on a topic. Pointing this out to me isn't really necessary. A mind capable of change is a good thing.

7. Comments are moderated. Your's might not make it. Again, it has nothing to do with freedom of speech; rather, it is more about private property rights.

8. If you choose to engage me privately in email over something I've written on the blog, keep in mind that your email may be used on the blog. I save and archive all emails I receive, particularly from those who are jackasses. I may need them again someday.

9. If you have a comment that is approaching the 500+ word count, consider writing your own blog post, and then doing a polite referral to it in your comment with a helpful summation for readers so they know where the link will take them. I will verify that all links are relevant to avoid spam issues. I'm not going to publish a comment that's longer than the actual blog post, generally.

10. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to belittle or write a personal attack on me or my personal ideology, you may certainly do that on your own blog. If you can't talk about the blog topic and are instead fixated on the blog author, your comment is DOA.

11. Do not copy and paste huge chunks of my blog posts into your blog, unless I've given you permission to do so. You don't have permission to scrape my content. You should simply do this: quote a sentence or four, and then link to my post. That's it. Add your own thoughts, paraphrase (not plagiarize), and link. Otherwise, I will politely ask you to take it down.

12. The comment section is no place to incite or insult. Such comments will not be published.

13. I'm not interested in honoring your need for trigger warnings or your overly sensitive propensity for being offended. If you require such delicacy, the internet is the wrong place for you.

This has basically been my Blog EULA for years. This also applies to how you interact on my social profiles.

Life's Not Fair

A Social Media Manifesto

Some of this I cover in the FAQ, but it's worth reiterating. I have several social accounts that I am unenthusiastic about, some of which are the ones I prefer to use but are not the "branded" professional name of myself or my site. However, these rules can apply to all, private or professional. They may seem overly combative, but I'm on my last thread with most people on social media at this point.

1. I don't care. Apologies, but unless you are a family member or close friend, I don't really care all that much about your opinion on anything. I will try to be polite as best I can but the gist of it is that I don't really care what you think about anything regarding me or my work because you are wholly removed from any real place in my life.

2. I block people. There is some stupid idea that by blocking people you are afraid of them, their intellectual prowess, or that you simply can't hold up in a debate against their giant brain so you block out of fear and the realization that your one brain neuron is burned out. False. Lots of people should be blocked, because they're jerks and idiots online. Who has the time.

I block people because they are nothing more than an annoying gnat buzzing around my head.

I block people because, with women, the attack inevitably devolves to threats of rape, murder, and a variety of horrible words only women seem to receive.

I block people because they use stupid methods of debate. Such as: out-of-context image-based memes, misunderstandings of original documents, insults directed at people, any number of logical fallacies, and incessant swearing.

3. I block random. On Twitter, I routinely block random people I stumble across during current events which bring out the worst in people (e.g. politics, Supreme Court rulings, religious scandals, 2nd Amendment issues) as a pre-emptive anti-douchebag future attack measure. I use any current event or popular debate to randomly block people I've never even interacted with just to cull the herd and save myself the headache later. You may have already been blocked. Why? Because I could.

4. I frequently avoid social media. I have a presence on social media. I also have a presence in the IRS records. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

5. It's for my family. On the social accounts that I use, I post stuff that my family and close friends would be interested in. As in, my immediate family and about six close friends. That's it. So if you think my comments, links, and photos are stupid, enjoy my apathy towards your opinion and please do unfollow. I don't care. If you're not a direct part of my life and a person in my immediate IRL sphere, I owe you nothing: no access, no listening ear, no patience with your opinion.

6. I probably won't friend/follow you. I only friend people I actually know, in real life, on Facebook, and of those friends, I only actually follow a tiny handful of people I care to hear from. These are people like family and my closest friends. This is not because I don't like you or like people (though I am extremely introverted, so maybe a bit on the latter), but because social media allows for too much asinine anonymous behavior as well as truncated context. If you must communicate or connect with me, by all means, do so. Send me a letter.

I do not follow for marketing purposes. Just because you followed me does not mean I will follow you back. I'm not interested in that game.

7. You can't change minds in 140 characters. If there's anything I've learned and regretted from getting into arguments and debates on social media it's that it isn't the place where you're going to change anyone's mind.

Summary: If you want to communicate with me legitimately and want a timely response, send an email or a letter. Do not use social media. Social media is a mere tool, not a necessity. I get rid of tools that make my life difficult. If you and your hordes decide to take to social media and attack because you don't like what I said, I will simply lock down my social media accounts. I will also block you. And I will go on happily living my life without any thought of you and yours.

Copyright Theft

A Reiteration About Copyright

Important Regarding Angryman Cartoon® Characters: The cartoon characters, cartoons, and other related imagery and content that you see on this website are copyright (c) Julie R. Neidlinger and may not be used, reproduced, and/or disseminated without explicit written permission. They are identifiable as “Lone Prairie” characters and are associated as such. They are, and will always, remain copyright (c) Julie R. Neidlinger, DBA Lone Prairie Art Works. Even if I Julie R. Neidlinger designs you a graphic using the cartoon characters at your request, you do not own the character or have permission to use it (on shirts, mugs, for commercial purposes, etc.) without my specific written and limited consent, which consent may be provided in a separate written licensing agreement. However, in the absence of such a licensing agreement, the general terms provided herein shall apply. All rights to the design remain the sole property of Julie R. Neidlinger, whether the design was specifically commissioned or otherwise. A licensing agreement for any commissioned work may specify restrictions regarding the method of display, duration of display, number of printed pieces, type of printed pieces, geographical considerations, and duration among others, any general provisions to the contrary herein notwithstanding. Furthermore, a licensing agreement may include a fee (royalty) payable to Julie R. Neidlinger for each reproduction, display, and/or other use of the design, which royalty may be in addition to an up-front fee. You may not sell or profit from anything with these characters on it, unless so specified in writing. In the absence of a specific written licensing agreement, I am, essentially, granting you a one-time use of the images for the purpose we agreed upon according to the general terms herein, and nothing beyond that. Payment for the design does not grant you any ownership or licensed use of the characters. They are not your characters. Any other use of the “Lone Prairie” characters via agreements not dealing with payment (one-time or serial comic strips, non-profit events, et. al.) is still limited use and may be subject to any restrictions that may apply to royalty-earning licenses. The copyright to both the characters and the actual comic strip or art still fully belongs with Julie R. Neidlinger, who reserves all rights, including but not limited to moral rights and derivative work rights, regardless of whether such rights are specifically outlined in 17 U.S.C. § 101 et. seq. The name "Angryman Cartoon" is also trademarked.

The Artist and Writer

Any reference below to "the artist and writer" refers to me, Julie R. Neidlinger, owner and creator of the images, writings and ideas on this website. Any reference to "the purchaser" refers to the individual(s) who have purchased a creative work or received permission to use it, from me, Julie R.Neidlinger.

These rules apply to you, the purchaser, unless, through discussion and special arrangement with me, the artist and writer, parts of this copyright have been waived


All images, designs, products, downloads and writing on this website, unless otherwise noted, are originals and are copyrighted by the artist and writer, Julie R. Neidlinger, and in no way may be used for any purpose other than viewing or reading online, or for purchase, unless they are specifically detailed as free to download.

This restriction includes downloading for personal or public use, use in other electronic formats, emailing images or text, re-printing or publishing in any format, for resale, or for "idea mining" as a way for you to copy an image or product idea as yours and pass it off as your own whether through design or technique. No images or writing are to be altered (electronically or otherwise). They are the intellectual and creative property of the artist and writer and any alteration violates the copyright restrictions the artist has set out here.

Any profits made off of any form of the work, created by the artist and writer, must be shared with the artist in accordance with contracts or agreements previously agreed upon. If the artist was not aware of any activity in which profit from the artist's work was incurred, the artist reserves the right to request a percentage of those profits as deemed fitting the situation. The purchaser, or user, of the work has the responsibility and requirement to report any profits to the artist.

Artist Rights

The artist and writer reserves all right of reproduction and all copyrights in the Work sold to the purchaser, the preliminary design and any incidental works made in the creation of the work. Copyright notice in the name of the artist shall appear on the work, and the artist shall also receive authorship credit in connection with the work or any reproductions thereof. The sale of an original art piece does not include the transfer and sale of ownership of the rights to reproduce or use the image in any other way beyond personal display. The artist still retains all rights and copyrights to all of the images and writing. Permission to use them for any other purpose must be directed to the artist, creator of the work of art.


If the purchaser in any way whatsoever sells, gives or trades the work, or if it is inherited from the purchaser, or if a third party pays compensation for its destruction, the purchaser (or a representative of his or her estate) must within 30 days

  1. Pay the artist 15% of the "gross art profit", if any, on the transfer; and
  2. Get the new owner to ratify all terms as set out on this web site or in any signed contracts between the artist and original purchaser


Before committing the work to a show or other public display, purchaser must give the artist notice of the intent to do so, telling the artist and writer all the details of the show that the purchaser then knows.

Destruction and Restoration

The purchaser agrees that the purchaser will not intentionally destroy, damage, alter, modify or change the work in any way whatsoever. If any alteration of any kind occurs after receipt by the purchaser, whether intentional or accidental and whether done by the purchaser or others, the work shall no longer be represented to be the work of the artist and writer without the artists' s written consent. The purchaser agrees to see that the work is properly maintained. If the work is damaged, the purchaser will consult the artist and writer before any restoration and must give the artist and writer the first opportunity to restore it.

Kill Fee

In event of a cancellation of the Work, the artist and writer will be paid 50% of the agreed upon final fee for time and effort invested in the Work ("kill fee"). The artist and writer will also retain the actual Work and all rights laid out in the contract as if the Work had been completed. If the Purchaser is not satisfied with the final work, even after the artist and writer's best efforts to reach his or her satisfaction, the artist and writer will retain the aforementioned kill fee.


If the purchaser requests, a draft quality color printout of the Work may be mailed or emailed prior to final payment and shipping. If the purchaser is not satisfied, the artist and writer will work to change and complete the work within reason for the purchaser. The artist and writer will stay within the limits of her style and manner of working, understanding that the purchaser is already aware of what qualities the Work will have upon completion. If no resolution can be reached with the Work, the purchaser may cancel the project with a "kill fee" applying.


The purchaser gives to the artist permission to use the purchaser's name, along with a reproduction of the item purchased from the artist (including by not limited to a painting, portrait, writing, idea, or anything available on or listed on this web site) for (including but not limited to) exhibition, display, advertising, online resume and gallery, trade and editorial uses, without violation of the purchaser's rights of privacy or any other personal or proprietary rights the purchaser may possess in connection with reproduction and sale of the work, the preliminary design or any incidental works made in the creation of the work.

I, DBA Lone Prairie Art Works, will not use any personal information provided by you in emails for any purpose other than to fill an order or answer a question. Your email or personal address will not be sold or given out to anyone else. They can torture me as much as they want - I simply will not give any information out to anyone else. Period. I mean it. I'm serious. However, if someone sends me an email or message with something good or important to say, I reserve the right to place it on this website unless preference otherwise is specifically stated by the sender/writer.

Additionally, all email subscriptions have an unsubscribe option at the bottom to make it easy for you to unsubscribe to any email you may receive to me as part of a list that you signed up for. I will never add email addresses to mailing lists without express consent by you.

Violations of Copyright and Contractual Terms

Any violation of these terms, both direct or implied as set out here will result in legal and compensatory action.


Prices and policies subject to change without notice.

Julie R. Neidlinger
Artist, writer, and pilot.
Based in North Dakota, USA.
Contact Julie here.

All writing and images © Julie R. Neidlinger unless otherwise noted. Please read more about copyright and permitted use of my content here. Angryman Cartoon® is a registered trademark and cannot be used. All cartoons are © Julie R. Neidlinger and cannot be used without express written permission.